9 WordPress Booking Plugins to manage all of your reservations

9 WordPress Booking Plugins to manage all of your reservations

In this article, i will share with you my picks for the 9 WordPress Booking Plugins to manage all of your reservations. So, which will you choose? Every business owner who works in the booking industry and has services, products or accommodations to offer must take into consideration that the process of scheduling must be done with ease, and what better way you can achieve this than choosing a WordPress Booking Plugin?

You need to automate the journey process, this way you can be more focused on delivering value for your potential customers. In other words, either you are a doctor, a spa therapist and even if you are an employee and you work in a company and want to schedule your vacation, in 2019 you can successfully choose one of these WordPress Booking Plugins displayed below:

1. Pinpoint Booking System WordPress Plugin + Payment Gateways

Pinpoint Booking System can be flawlessly incorporated into your WordPress website. You will see how easy it will be for your customers to use. Pinpoint fits into the entire management booking system with a minimum of a headache. Check availability and send a booking request in one amazing and unique AJAX calendar, so you can view real-time availability.

9 WordPress Booking Plugins to manage all of your reservations - Pinpoint Booking System

Pinpoint Booking System caters to all types of booking needs like:

  1. Restaurant tables reservations;
  2. Cleaning services;
  3. Events schedule;
  4. Boat rentals;
  5. Taxi services;
  6. Property managers;
  7. Hotel reservations;
  8. Dental office;
  9. Ticketing;
  10. Part booking;
  11. Tennis court;
  12. Consultants and notaries;
  13. Accommodations and much more.

Key features:

  • You can offer coupons for your reservations for seasonal campaigns ;
  • Allow booking services in multiple languages, whatever your language might be;
  • Create as many calendars you want;
  • You can integrate it with WooCommerce;
  • Search functionality – Enter the location and select what you want to book. A list of all businesses that are related to your search will be displayed into that area;
  • Payment gateways in different currencies: 2Checkout, Authorize .Net, Braintree, ICEPAY, Mollie, Stripe, and WePAy;
  • Synchronization with external calendars like Airbnb and Google Calendar;
  • SMS and E-mail notifications;
  • Intuitive admin dashboard;
  • Mobile friendly calendar interface
  • Booking by the hour and minute, booking time slots for clients;
  • Define a booking duration with minutes values;
  • You can easily tailor messages for your clients for your booking forms;
  • Reservation management system for which you can control working days and hours. Accept/cancel/reject possibility;
  • Affiliate Program.

If you want a flexible implementation for booking requirements Pinpoint Booking System will work for you.

Calendar visualization
Pinpoint Booking System’s Calendars

2. Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

Amelia gives you the freedom to set up a fully-featured automated booking system on your WordPress website.  Works both for small businesses and individuals.

Amelia booking plugin has the capability to add multiple guest/passenger in a single booking, therefore you will know all the information you need for each guest in a group.

Key features:

  • Online payments through PayPal and Stripe;
  • Email notifications with status reservations;
  • Appointment Management Page;
  • Built-in interface for all service categories;
  • Google calendar synchronizations;
  • Support for Stripe payment.

3. Sagenda

Sagenda is an online WordPress booking reservations system for appointments and meetings.

Key features:

  • SMS notifications;
  • Mobile-friendly;
  • Easy set-up.

Suitable for:

  • Medical services;
  • Sports equipment;
  • Photographers;
  • Car rentals.
Sagenda booking system

4. WooCommerce Bookings

You can sell your time or date based bookings using WordPress and WooCommerce. Perfect for those wanting to offer appointments, reservations, services, or rental.

Key features:

  • It’s perfect for virtual classes;
  • Send reminders for booking requests.
WooCommerce bookings

5. Salon WordPress Booking System

Key features:

  • Online payments;
  • Customized booking forms;
  • Adaptable for any kind of business;
  • Support for 3 languages;
  • Booking rules;
  • Fully responsive.
Salon WordPress Booking System
Salon WordPress Booking System

6. BirchPress

BirchPress Scheduler is a WordPress appointment booking plugin that allows service businesses such as spas, massages, photographers and so on to accept appointments online.

Suitable for industries such as:

  • Health;
  • Fitness;
  • Home services;
  • Beauty.
BirchPress Scheduler

7. Webba Booking Lite

Key features:

  • Fully responsive;
  • Editable date and time format;
  • Booking forms;
  • Different time slot formats for short or extended presentation;
  • Easy translation from backend.


8. Team Booking

Key features:

  • Payment gateways: PayPal and Stripe;
  • Discounts and coupons;
  • E-mail notifications;
  • Customizable;
  • Slot duration.
Team Booking
Team Booking

9. Booking Ultra Pro

Flexible online WordPress Booking System that allows you to view and manage your bookings and appointments online.

Image result for Booking Ultra Pro
Booking Ultra Pro

Key features:

  • Perfect for medical services, barbershops, repair services, event planners, rental agencies, and educational services.;
  • Customized colors;
  • SMS reminders;
  • Changeable time slots layout.

Which WordPress booking system will you use?
Will you use a paid one or you will code your own? Paid or coding from scratch?

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Reasons to use a Revolut Credit Card

Reasons to use a Revolut Credit Card | May 2019 Overview

We’ve all probably heard about Revolut … But really … What is Revolut Credit Card? Revolut is a traditional digital banking alternative. To put it simply, Revolut is a banking application giving you the flexibility to make secure mobile payments. You can withdraw money from ATMs in 120 currencies. With the help of your phone app, you are able to send money to your loved ones in 29 currencies.

Apply for your own Revolut Credit Card

Applying for a Revolut credit card is effortlessly as you need to enter your basic information through a simple online form. As entering your information into an online form and clicking “Submit.”

Reasons to use a Revolut Credit Card:

  1. You have the freedom to split bills with your friend or family and they must be in your phone contacts and send local and international bank transfers. Starting from taking dinner with friends to your vacation expenses, you can share a bill with everyone in seconds. All you have to do is to choose the transaction and your phone contact (friend) who you wish to split the payment.
  2. Revolut has amazing competitive exchange rates.
  3. If you are an active customer on Revolut, you can save up a small amount every day just by setting up a Vault. You probably wonder what is a Vault? A Vault is the possibility to save your money for a specific goal, let’s say a vacation, purchasing a product etc. in any of the top-up currencies. Every time when you make a transaction using your Revolut Credit card you will get to round up your payment to the nearest whole number and place the difference into your savings Vault
  4. Share your payment link. You can both send or request money from your friends, by sending them a payment link from where they can enter their card details and have the money sent to your Revolut account in seconds.
  5. The Revolut credit card works everywhere, you can use it to make online purchases and to pay bills, this way you have the flexibility to make online shopping and pay with your credit card without having to carry on you large amounts of cash.
  6. Everytime you make a payment or you purchase something online, and even send or receive money you will always receive notifications with payment details.
  7. You can have your balance in a given currency, let’s say euro, and you can make purchases in other currencies (for example, dollars) with very good exchange rates.
  8. The “Near Me” Revolut feature. I find this feature pretty helpful if a specific person is not in your phone contacts. Let’s see how it works. You can use the ‘Near Me’ feature to pay someone back. You will get to be connected with other Revolut users via Bluetooth, so you can send and receive payments in a second. Near me also makes it super-easy to split a bill with a group of friends or colleagues at a restaurant.

If these reasons convinced you to use Revolut don’t forget you can create your own account.

6 reasons to go for a reservation plugin for your WordPress website to grow your business

6 reasons to go for a reservation plugin for your WordPress website to grow your business

Why go for a reservation plugin for your WordPress website?

Through the years, we have seen a shift in the way people are booking different services or products. Doing an online reservation it is an essential part of mundane life activities. Using a reservation plugin for your WordPress website is crucial as users need to see availability and choose a specific period in order to make a reservation for the services they love.

With so many available plugins on the market perhaps you are already confused and you don’t know what to choose. No matter if you have a big business or if you are at the beginning of the road, a reservation plugin for WordPress will help both you and your clients stay informed, organized and connected.

Every online reservation plugin has its own benefits, so make sure to research them thoroughly before you make a purchase. 

6 reasons to go for a reservation plugin for your WordPress website to grow your business:

  1. It will help to stay organized and keep track of your bookings;
  2. Simplifies the way you handle your reservations;
  3. Enrich customers satisfaction;
  4. With a reservation plugin on your website, customers don’t even have to worry about your services/products availability, because they’re assured that are always looking at real-time availability;
  5. Spend less time on the phone for taking reservations during working hours;
  6. Manage all your clients’ bookings in one flexible calendar.
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
The most used web hosting providers [2019]

Web hosting providers for WordPress [2019 Status Update]

Which web hosting providers for WordPress should I choose?

If you’re starting out your own business and want to go to the next level in the online environment, the first step you need to do is to create a professional website. You can try the most used platform like WordPress. After creating this site, you need to look for the perfect web hosting providers for WordPress.

Your hosting service needs to build your site’s presence on the web, and when choosing the right service firm to offer you an ideal web hosting package, whether it’s for a personal blog or a giant online store, you need to focus on safety and reliability.

Here are 2 of the most used web hosting providers for WordPress

1. SiteGround

You do not have to worry about the cost of hosting services because SiteGround is perfect and fits all the company’s revenue categories. You have to choose the ideal web hosting package that suits you.

You can always try SiteGround for web hosting, this provider is perfect both for companies who already own a WordPress site and for the ones that will create one.

SiteGround offers you fast and stable hosting, providing you security for your WordPress site, high speed, and continuous support.

You can easily migrate your site from the current web hosting to SiteGround, all the data will be safe. SiteGround is designed for performance, so with WordPress hosting, you do not have to worry about server constraints and security, but rather you can focus on developing your business.

They provide customers with exceptional service and are perfect for those who care deeply about customer support, quick page speeds, and impressive features.

Some highlights of the benefits of using SiteGround:

  • Fast & highly secured hosting;
  • Advanced SG caching (SuperCacher plugin);
  • Integrated CloudFlare CDN;
  • 30 days free daily automatic backups;
  • One free site transfer to your SG account;
  • High servers availability;
  • Easy 3 step WordPress installation;
  • Free Let’s Encrypt auto-renewal certificates;
  • Support for the latest PHP software versions;
  • Integrated website’s staging & SG-git;
  • SG officially endorsed by WordPress.org;
  • Brilliant support.

2. Known Host

You have a variety of different reasons when you choose a web hosting provider. It needs to be something like that you believe in, but first and foremost you want your hosting company to make sure that the website stays up and they’re stable and they load quickly.

If you’ve got clients and prospects visiting your website, there’s nothing worse than them finding that the site’s down. Therefore go with KnownHost, they have fantastic uptime and if ever it does dip down their team is right on it.

You won’t have headaches when it comes to a large amount of new clients beating down your door because as long as you will have a great hosting speed, both your company and your clients will grow.

Hit the button to SIGN UP FOR A PACKAGE  and enjoy their services.

If these pieces of information are not more than enough to convince you to choose KnownHost, well, take a look at these nifty features:

  • Free Backups;
  • 24/7 Customer Support via Multiple Channels;
  • Fast and easy setup;
  • Quick and responsive customer support;
  • High value for its price.

Easy installs on multiple platforms such as:

  • Drupal;
  • Fantastico/Softaculous;
  • Joomla;
  • Magento;
  • WordPress.