Reasons to use a Revolut Credit Card

Reasons to use a Revolut Credit Card | May 2019 Overview

We’ve all probably heard about Revolut … But really … What is Revolut Credit Card? Revolut is a traditional digital banking alternative. To put it simply, Revolut is a banking application giving you the flexibility to make secure mobile payments. You can withdraw money from ATMs in 120 currencies. With the help of your phone app, you are able to send money to your loved ones in 29 currencies.

Apply for your own Revolut Credit Card

Applying for a Revolut credit card is effortlessly as you need to enter your basic information through a simple online form. As entering your information into an online form and clicking “Submit.”

Reasons to use a Revolut Credit Card:

  1. You have the freedom to split bills with your friend or family and they must be in your phone contacts and send local and international bank transfers. Starting from taking dinner with friends to your vacation expenses, you can share a bill with everyone in seconds. All you have to do is to choose the transaction and your phone contact (friend) who you wish to split the payment.
  2. Revolut has amazing competitive exchange rates.
  3. If you are an active customer on Revolut, you can save up a small amount every day just by setting up a Vault. You probably wonder what is a Vault? A Vault is the possibility to save your money for a specific goal, let’s say a vacation, purchasing a product etc. in any of the top-up currencies. Every time when you make a transaction using your Revolut Credit card you will get to round up your payment to the nearest whole number and place the difference into your savings Vault
  4. Share your payment link. You can both send or request money from your friends, by sending them a payment link from where they can enter their card details and have the money sent to your Revolut account in seconds.
  5. The Revolut credit card works everywhere, you can use it to make online purchases and to pay bills, this way you have the flexibility to make online shopping and pay with your credit card without having to carry on you large amounts of cash.
  6. Everytime you make a payment or you purchase something online, and even send or receive money you will always receive notifications with payment details.
  7. You can have your balance in a given currency, let’s say euro, and you can make purchases in other currencies (for example, dollars) with very good exchange rates.
  8. The “Near Me” Revolut feature. I find this feature pretty helpful if a specific person is not in your phone contacts. Let’s see how it works. You can use the ‘Near Me’ feature to pay someone back. You will get to be connected with other Revolut users via Bluetooth, so you can send and receive payments in a second. Near me also makes it super-easy to split a bill with a group of friends or colleagues at a restaurant.

If these reasons convinced you to use Revolut don’t forget you can create your own account.

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